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Suggestions for Beating Hacking Summoners

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:43 am    Post subject: Suggestions for Beating Hacking Summoners Reply with quote

I split this guide into the 2 types of summoner bots I encountered out of the many games I played against them. I give detailed information for each class and organized it by class name. Both bots play very differently. By the way, if you want to buy BNS gold, just click.


Blade Master this explanation was difficult. i had a diamond blademaster help theory craft this one with me, and i assure you they work. Theres 2 ways of doing this, both are effective. One is that you can block in front of them while using a daze spec on your trinket so that when he knocks you down you can instantly daze him with your trinket while hes in the Entangle animation.. Keep reading because theres more useful information. The other way is a little more complicated. this requires you to have HM block, You have to activate your resist in an extremely short period of time, if you dont activate the resist quick enough youll get knocked down. if you sucessfully get your resist off without getting knocked down, block again and let them use their entangle on you. Its possible they use their Entangle right as you activate your resist too, so be ready for that opening. then follow up with stun chain and damage, if they Backroll(F) your KD's/Dazes , theres very short timeframes in which you can tech chase them with more CC to continue your damage, you have 2 options, wait to do that combo again... or run around them in circles and dodge sunflowers if youre confident you can win by damage.

FM You're able to beat a briar patch summoner very seamlessly... however Im sorry but i believe there is no possible way for you to win against an Entangle summoner due to you not being able to trigger his entangle.

Summoner - you need to have Party dandelion spec'd. Keep your cat next to the summoner and run around in circles avoiding the sunflowers. While doing this you need to press your Counter(4) and then shortly after, use party dandelion so his entangle doesnt knock you down, in that timeframe you need to use your cat to CC him and then grapple him and follow up with sunflowers. he probably wont die from it but you can rinse and repeat or just run around him in circles until the time runs out and win by damage.

Blade Dancer Somebody found a way for BD's /u/aqualisier !... However it is quite inconsistent, better than nothing! This requires you to run Blade Guard spec(RB) You have 2 ways to try to do damage to the summoner. The first way is to get into draw stance and use bladeguard and hope that the summoner uses the entangle on your short .5 second block, you should have your Daze Spec Trinket and daze him as soon as he knocks you down and follow up with a 2 stun and Storm Cleave(V spec) then with a X aircombo into a grab bladestorm(RB) into a Daze drain(3) ending it with another aircombo using Takeflight(F). The second method which is safer, is that you will want to either use your maelstrom resist, or your Z resist, get into draw stance and use your Blade Guard, your goal here is to get them to use entangle on your bladeguard while a resist is up so you dont get knocked down, given its only a .5 second block, it turns out the summoner doesnt always use the entangle but its a "sometimes", depends on your luck really. if he uses his entangle, then you follow up with the exact same combo as explained above minus the trinket daze.

For more information you can go to our site, you can find BNS gold here easily.
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