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30 wanted features

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:52 pm    Post subject: 30 wanted features Reply with quote

Here are some feature suggestions submitted by an anonymous ADM user via e-mail:


001 is most important!!!!! !!!
001 Add pattern chaining. Please look at how it works in the
Microtonic VST. This is the
best way to do it. Drawings will follow, but imagine uTonic's
pattern chaining panel
placed instead of ADM's prescale indicator pane.
Motivation: current techno production requires 2x-8x longer
patterns than currently
possible with ADM.
002 add something to the CY channel to make it more useful.
003 add shorter decays to the CY
004 909 kick: make it better
005 808 kick: snappy...
005a make it possible to completely turn off the 'snappy' at the
lowest end of the spectrum.
005b at the highest end of the spectrum, make the snappy overdrive
in a hard clipping
fashion. at 3/4 you get maximum snappy without overdriving, and
going higher than
that you start overdriving the transient only (not the actual
body of the synth)
006 Clap/shaker: add decay setting. It will be the gate lenght for the shaker.
007 Claps: add attack
008 CB tuning...
008a rename current tuning knob to 'timbre'
008b create real oscillator tuning knob
010 add 606 MT
011 fix 606 toms. they're not interesting enough.
012 PCF: add separate output channel option
013 fix output channels in Sonar. Currently, the 'single outputs' from
the ADM menus go to
the left channel of stereo pairs. Not a Sonar bug.
014 Add volume knob to PCF
015 Add PCF resonant HPF
016 Make switching between PCF LP/BP less glitchy
017 Add option: 'keep knob settings' - will keep knob settings between patterns
018 Add 32x more event space for PCF
019 fix the tuning knobs, they're broken and do not reflect the actual tuning
020 Add option: spread pattern. When you click it, the first 16 steps
of your pattern
get spread over every second step, giving you a 32-step pattern
that will allow you more
dense patterns. The prescale gets changed from the 'normal tempo'
setting to the 'double
tempo' setting.
021 Add option: negative shuffle
022 Add: different PCF drive, softer. The one that's in right now is
great but not for making
the kick fatter.
023 Add: kick drum volume envelope tension
Motivation: easy way to make the kick drum fatter and more
prominent without overdriving or
compression that add artefacts and destroy ADM's sweet sound.
024 Create: version of ADM that has 10 kick drum channels. Seriously,
I use at least 5 at every
moment in every song.
025 Add: PCF 'types'...
025a Type that's based on plate echo + delay and not filter + distortion.
025b Type that's based on normal EQ + comb filter (comb filter's
delay has to go into long
values like 1 second: the Pioneer DJM600 mixer has the best
comb filter for this kind
of thing, please copy 1:1)
025c Type that's based on DJ-style isolator
025d Type that's based on 303-style synth (hint hint)
026 Add: Clap amp envelope tension parameter
027 Add: 'MIDI Pitched mode'. What happens is that every of the
channels gets a separate MIDI
channel assigned to it: Kick drum gets channel 1, SD channel 2,
etc, up to and including
the PCF. The notes incoming determine the pitches of the voices.
028 Add: CR-series drums. Seriously now!
029 Add: emulation of JoMoX bass drum, it's very good
030 Add: more skin colors. A yellow one like the ABL and a red one
with blue metal showing under
the scraped off red paint!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hm. Some of these suggestions are quite good actually. Chaining the patterns like Microtonic is not a bad idea - I'm quite fond of how it's done in MT.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are some good ideas there. Don't think it needs all the differnet filters request etc you can use third party plugs for those. And no need to add more drums sounds as these can be done by the user with samples.

Although, i guess (and this could be impossible i have no idea form a programming point of view). In a similar way you have pattern detect in ABL. Can such a feature be developed that if you load a sample and could say to the program this is a kick drum it could try to synthesis something similar?

I agree with all the additional tuning and decay setting would indeed be very useful.

I think to implement this would be like a whole new version of adm though ...ADM+

That is some list of requests though Laughing
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

re: 024: I want an ADM with *20* kick channels Very Happy

More seriously: a lot of good ideas. Re: all the suggestions for expansion of the range of ADM's sonic capabilities: I've stated before that I am in favor of pretty much anything going in that direction (especially when they are optional, since it can't hurt usability if it can be switched off), under the almost self-evident condition that the emulated machines' capabilities should still be easily reproduced and clearly recognizable as such.

To me 001 definitely seems *not* to be the most important one, as (by definition) we can only use the plugin within a host, and in most half-decent hosts we can chain patterns by sequencing MIDI notes in a much more flexible manner than any pattern chainer could do. That said, I am definitely not against adding this.

027 is very useful, I also love this function on the ┬ÁTonic; but on the ADM it would rather strain the parameter model limits, if I remember Mike's previous explanations correctly. Then again, imho broken stuff can sound nice too Smile I'd love to see > hear how far it can be strained until it breaks. And, even with rather limited tuning ranges (e.g. as it is now), this type of setup still has another important advantage: mapping a musically accurate tuning onto the MIDI keys.

012 is also very useful; note that it would make 014 redundant.

022: we've been there before (still cherishing a particular beta with a particular funky effect ;-P)... I'd love some more experimentation with it too, aiming for that type of overdrive/distortion which is so sweet on especially bassdrums (and toms).

030 seems unnecessary: we can/did do that ourselves, and it would bloat the default install package. I may take up your suggestion of red paint scraped off blue metal Very Happy

017 is also unnecessary; "just uncheck "Load knobs with patterns" in Options > Preferences.
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