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ReDominator is an emulation of the classic Alpha Juno 1/2 (JU-1/2), a polyphonic DCO (digitally controlled oscillator) based synth from 1986. The JU-1/2 became popular in the early 90's techno and rave scene particularly by the classic Hoover sound (which ReDominator emulates accurately). But beyond those niche sounds there lays a versatile synthesizer that does bass, pads, leads, organs and a lot of other sounds waiting to be discovered!



Featuring fourteen (14) different harmonically rich waveforms including a unique PWM-sawtooth. Three waveforms can be combined per voice enabling massive sounds.


ReDominator contains a high quality 24dB/octave lowpass filter with a warmth control (VCA level) which unlike the original Alpha Juno causes warm overtones in place of harsh digital distortion when overdriven.



Other Features

ReDominator features a unique 8 parameter envelope which enables much more complicated and expressive sounds than a standard ADSR. There are four time settings, three levels and a unique keyboard scaling parameter which gives the sound a "sampler" quality.




Accurate emulation of the Alpha Juno 1/2 including the famous Hoover patch

14 different low aliasing waveforms including a unique PWM-sawtooth

High quality full range 24dB/octave low-pass filter

Unique 8 parameter envelope generator which enables much more complicated and expressive sounds than a standard ADSR

200+ bundled patches (of which many are sysex converted from our own JU-2)

Patch importer which allows importing sysex patches from your own Alpha Juno and play them in ReDominator

Chord Memory function (VST/AU version only)


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This software product runs as a VST or AU (Audio Unit) 32 or 64-bit plug-in for Windows XP/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Please check the demo version before purchasing to ensure that it is compatible with your host software.

Disclaimer: The Alpha Juno was originally produced by Roland®. Roland® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation and/or Roland Corporation U.S. The reference to Roland® is made here strictly for the legitimate purpose of comparison, and it does not in any way imply Roland®’s permission or endorsement of this product.