ABL3.2.0 All changes

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ABL3.2.0 All changes

Post by audiorealism » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:03 pm

All beta changes for ABL3.2.0

We are adding more MIDI capabilities to ABL3.2.0. Additions include:

- Mapping Classic view functions to standard MIDI keys. This allows for programming patterns directly from your MIDI controller.
- Mapping of MIDI CC to Advanced Random functions, including pattern length
- Automation/MIDI CC control of Gate Trim and other parameters
- Slight improvements to the 303 emulation engine

- Updated bundled skin to LarsErik's latest version
- Changes to Accent circuit model, experimenting with adding more energy to the accent build up [303 engine]
- PatternView: Added paging to quicking flip between 16 steps by clicking left or right of the scrollbar
- PatternView: expanded scrollbar hit area by a few pixels
- Import TB-03 Pattern menu option now allows to import .pat files from ABL1,ABL2 and ABL3. These do not affect the synth settings (cutoff, reso etc).
- Sound Engine: Improving the envelope recharge cycle to match the TB-303's more accurately[/quote]

- Sound engine: added an extra high eq shelf to bring out high frequencies a bit more
- Fixed: Pattern selector in Patch Display was not responding to scroll wheel up and down properly
- Fixed: Pattern View, MIDI CC control over steps length now updates the view properly
- Fixed: Parameter display text for Waveform now switches at 0.5 value
- Fixed? Classic Display: Click+Dragging Steps length would cause Bitwig and Maschine 2 to crash
- Added: On Setup page option for High EQ Boost
- Added: Registration Dialog now shows installation directory (for the Documents, not the .dll or .component)

- Softened accent slightly in VCA
- Fixed: High EQ boost was not recalling properly
- Fixed: Filter bug causing ABL3 to sound darker than it should
- Added: Select Background option in patch menu, this only works with the default skin currently.

- Fixed: Hipass (lowcut) on Preferences page is not working in High EQ Mode
- additional declicking in audio engine

- Beta 5 was failing/crashing validation, hopefully beta 6 solves this problem

- Changed Registry code for Windows 32 and 64-bit (using HKEY_LOCAL_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) hopefully this solves some users not being able to register

- Changed accent model (brighter accents)
- Changed filter (more resonance at low cutoff)

- Added on/off sound and click

- Changed filter (18dB response curve)
- Changed VCA accent
- VCA Noise and clicks are improved.
- DC Noise is added.
- On/off switch sound added.

- Changed volumes for cutoff/reso and accent settings
- Changed cutoff/reso filter response to match the reference 303 more (this keeps the resonance peak more constant during tweaking resonance at a given cutoff value)

- Fine tuning volumes

- Changed volumes again
- Rolled back some engine changes

- Added addition Highpass control (on Setup page)
- Increase maximum decay time of the Envelope generator

- Changed MIDI Learn look for the Classic Edit mode assign functions
- Changes to Audio Engine

- Removed Resonance knob Scratchyness
- Removed click when resonance knob reached 0
- Removed click when Adjusting Low Cut to zero
- Changed knob name 'Low Cut' to 'Bass Boost'

- Bass knob added - this affects the amount of bass the filter can reach in certain settings (for instance low resonance)
- Hipass control now assign to the right parameter (to be compatible with ABL3.1.0)

- Reduced click when switching audio engines (Improved Emu switch on Setup page)
- Slight resonance increase in 96kHz mode
- VCA Clicks and VCA Noise set to off by default now

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Re: ABL3.2.0 All changes

Post by larserik » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:44 pm

Keep up the good work!

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